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Channel City Club History

Louis Lancaster returned home to Santa Barbara after World War II. He had served in the U.S. State Department as a liaison with national organizations and service clubs throughout the country. At the initial United Nations Conference, Louis met someone associated with the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco - it would have a lasting impact.

"When the war was over, I returned to Santa Barbara but found life quite tame after wartime Washington. I felt I had enough contacts to start such an organization here, so I carefully outlined my suggestions on one piece of paper..."

The rest is history. Louis began the Channel City Club in 1946. The Channel City Women's Forum was launched by his wife, Winifred, in 1966. In 1988, both groups merged to provide interesting, informative and entertaining speakers from all walks of life.

At last count, thousands of luminaries from near and far touched life here, without compensation or honoraria. Now almost 70 years strong, the Channel City Club remains Santa Barbara's Window on the World.

And what a wonderful world it is...

As we celebrate our past, we prepare for our future...











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